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Professional Vacation Home Watch Service

Keep Your Vacation Home Beautiful & Secure

Owning a home is a massive responsibility. There are always little things to fix around the house and many homeowners just don’t have the time to make those minor repairs. Unfortunately, minor repairs or maintenance issues can become expensive, major repairs when ignored.

This is especially true for your second home. Vacation homes can sit dormant for months while you’re away at your primary home. Small leaks can cause major damage, unattended wind debris can cause exterior penetrations and unretrieved mail can entice burglaries or porch pirates.

We’re the perfect solution. With VIP Home Watch Services, it’s like having a best friend checking on your home and attending to any issues that arise. We provide our Home Watch Service to hundreds of luxury homeowners around the 30a and Destin Florida areas.

Give Your Home The VIP Treatment

Home Security System Checks

Your second home will be ready for your next visit. We check the pool, replace light bulbs, charge your golf cart battery, and our home concierge service can even stock the fridge for you.

Plumbing Check Services

Weekly checks on your property will keep your second home in pristine, working order. VIP Property Managers send you photographs and digital reports for your peace-of-mind.

Yard Maintenance Services

Our quick-response team can save you a lot of time and money. VIP home check services will catch a plumbing leak fast, spot a failed window seal and even secure your deliveries.

What is Included In The Best Home Watch Service?

Every vacation home is a little different. We will customize your second home watch service to include all areas of need. You can request a home watch price online. Here is a quick overview of the basic items that are generally included in most home watch service plans.

  • General Weekly Maintenance
  • Interior/Exterior Visual Inspections
  • Vehicle & Major Appliance Checks
  • Trash & Debris Removal
  • Keyholder & Project Management
  • Storm Protection & Recovery
  • Heating/Cooling System Checks
  • Security Response & Checks
  • Secure Mail & Package Retrieval
  • Digital Reporting to Homeowner
Best Home Watch Service

Get The VIP Treatment

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Let Us Monitor Your Florida Vacation Home

VIP Home Watch’s headquarters in Miramar Beach, Florida proudly serves the beautiful homes in the most popular luxury residential areas such as 30a area, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach and Miramar Beach areas. Take a look at our service areas for more details.

Some of the other home checks and absentee home watch service items that can be included in your VIP Watch plan can include:

  • Check That The Security System Functions Properly
  • Resetting Electric Appliances/Breakers From Power Outage
  • Check Smoke Alarms/Replace Batteries
  • Blinds & Window Treatments Are Adjusted
  • Flush & Check All Toilets
  • Run Water & Check All Sinks
  • Test Kitchen Sink Disposal
  • Watering Of Indoor Plants (per request)
  • Check Heating & Cooling System
  • Check That All Doors & Windows Are Locked
  • Check Temperature Of Refridgerator
  • Check Ice Maker – Rotate Ice
  • Pickup & Secure Mail/Packages
  • Test Start Vehicles (per request)
  • 360 Visual Inspection Around Home & Property
  • Inspect Exterior For Signs Of Vandalism Or Theft
  • Confirm Lawn Care Is Being Performed
  • Remove Any Advertisements, Newspapers Or Flyers
  • Check Window Screen & Screen Enclosures
  • Check Deck & Patio Areas
  • Check Outdoor Plumbing & Irrigation
  • Visual Inspection Of Exterior HVAC Equipment
  • Inspect Exterior Of Garage Areas
  • Check Boating & Dock Areas
  • Check For Any Damaged Landscaping
  • Check Exterior For Pest Control Issues
  • Visual Inspection Of Roof & Gutters (ground-level)
  • Test Start Vehicles (per request)

Whether you are away or currently occupying your second home, you can call VIP Home Watch to perform a vast number of tasks. This makes second home ownership a breeze and can help you enjoy a interruption-free, relaxing vacation.

See also “Home Concierge Service” for more on-call services.

  • Preparing Home For Arrival/Departure
  • Coordinate House Cleaning Services
  • Clean Out Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Grocery Shopping & Restocking Pantry
  • Flower Purchase & Arrangements
  • Project Management (Oversee Repairs)
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry (Pickup/Delivery)
  • Mail & Package Delivery Receipt
  • Arrange Pet Care Services
  • Keyholder Services & Representation

Your Satisfaction Is

We manage multi-million dollar homes and projects. We have a reputation for catering to our clients needs and surpassing expectations. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with your VIP Services.

Should we discover any issues during our home checks, we will contact you with the suggested course of action and coordinate the appropriate tasks to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

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