Best Florida Second Home Services & Concierge

Keep Your Vacation Home Safe & Secure Even When You Are Away For Months

Professional Vacation Home Watch Service

Having a second home in Florida is great but what happens when you’re away from your vacation home for months? During that time, some small maintenance items can go unattended and snowball into a BIG problem.

VIP Home Watch Services solves this problem for you. We will maintain your second home while you are away – so, when you ARE here, you can enjoy your time and not spend your entire vacation doing repairs or cleaning up a mess.

With regular home maintenance, customized home services, live visual inspections and flexible schedules, you can easily monitor your second home from anywhere with second home watch services.

Florida Second Home Watch Services

VIP Home Watch’s headquarters in Miramar Beach, Florida proudly serves the beautiful homes in the most popular luxury residential areas such as 30a area, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach and Miramar Beach areas. Take a look at our service areas for more details.

Some of the other home checks and absentee home watch service items that can be included in your VIP Watch plan can include:

  • Check That The Security System Functions Properly
  • Resetting Electric Appliances/Breakers From Power Outage
  • Check Smoke Alarms/Replace Batteries
  • Blinds & Window Treatments Are Adjusted
  • Flush & Check All Toilets
  • Run Water & Check All Sinks
  • Test Kitchen Sink Disposal
  • Watering Of Indoor Plants (per request)
  • Check Heating & Cooling System
  • Check That All Doors & Windows Are Locked
  • Check Temperature Of Refridgerator
  • Check Ice Maker – Rotate Ice
  • Pickup & Secure Mail/Packages
  • Test Start Vehicles (per request)
  • 360 Visual Inspection Around Home & Property
  • Inspect Exterior For Signs Of Vandalism Or Theft
  • Confirm Lawn Care Is Being Performed
  • Remove Any Advertisements, Newspapers Or Flyers
  • Check Window Screen & Screen Enclosures
  • Check Deck & Patio Areas
  • Check Outdoor Plumbing & Irrigation
  • Visual Inspection Of Exterior HVAC Equipment
  • Inspect Exterior Of Garage Areas
  • Check Boating & Dock Areas
  • Check For Any Damaged Landscaping
  • Check Exterior For Pest Control Issues
  • Visual Inspection Of Roof & Gutters (ground-level)
  • Test Start Vehicles (per request)

What Is Home Concierge Service?

Our home concierge service is like having a personal assistant for your home. Your home concierge can take care of mundane tasks related to your home care as well as errand services during your stay or while you’re away.

Here are a few tasks that your VIP Concierge can handle for you:

  • Prepare Home For Arrival/Departure
  • Coordinate House Cleaning Services
  • Clean Out Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Trash & Debris Removal
  • Arrange Pet Care Services
  • Retreive Mail & Delivered Pacakges
  • Check Batteries In Small Electronics
  • Act As Keyholder Representative
Personal Concierge Service
Personal Errand Services

Errand Service

You’re sure to feel like a VIP as you get the star treatment as your VIP Concierge takes care of errands for you while you enjoy your second home and vacation away.

  • Grocery Shopping & Restocking Your Pantry
  • Flower Purchasing & Arrangements
  • Pickup/Deliver Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Pickup/Drop-off At Airport (VPS)
  • Procure Wine, Spirits & Craft Brews
  • Deliver Special Gift Baskets
  • Top-Off Fuel For Auto Or Recreational Vehicles
  • Schedule/Arrange For Car Service

Go From Second-Home-Worry...

To Relaxed-In-A Hurry!

Lawn Care & Home Maintenance Services

Second Home Maintenance Service

Your second home will require regular maintenance in order to keep the home in tip-top shape. VIP works with an authorized network of maintenance providers to ensure your home gets the very best care.

Some of the vacation home maintenance can include:

  • Lawn Care & Landscaping
  • Residential Window Washing Service
  • Residential Pressure Washing Service
  • Gutter & Downspout Cleaning
  • Licensed Residential Electrician
  • HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Residential Plumbing Maintenance
  • Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Pool & Fountain Maintenance

Pools, fountains, hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs require regular maintenance in order to remain safe for use. Our pool specialist is highly trained and equipped to keep your pool and water features in the best condition.

Here are some of the maintenance and repairs offered:

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Special Event Pool Cleaning
  • Fountain Cleaning Or Resurfacing
  • Water Filtration Service
  • Water Heater Repair/Replacement
  • Salt-Water System Maintenance
  • Under Water Lighting Repair
  • Water Feature Chemical Balance
Pool & Fountain Maintenance

Project Manager For Your Second Home

What happens when you need to replace the flooring in your home, have the roof replaced or maybe you want to add a pergola to your backyard? These projects can take days or weeks to complete and the last thing you want to do is to spend all of your leisure time supervising the work.

Your VIP Project Manager is the perfect solution. We are experienced in project management of every variety – from multi-million dollar home renovations to kitchen countertop replacement. We will keep your project on track and on budget. Your VIP Project Manager will also keep you well informed on the progress.

Give us a call to ask about pricing for your next vacation home project.

Your Satisfaction Is

Our clients trust us with their multi-million dollar, luxury homes for a reason. We have a reputation for catering to our clients needs and surpassing expectations. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with your VIP Home Services.

Should we discover any issues during our regular Home Watch checks or while providing any of our additional home services, we will contact you promptly with the suggested course of action and coordinate the appropriate tasks to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

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