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Professional Vacation Home Watch Service

Professional Vacation Home Watch Service

Having a second home in Florida is great but what happens when you’re away from your vacation home for months? During that time, some small maintenance items can go unattended and snowball into a BIG problem.

VIP Home Watch Services solves this problem for you. We will maintain your second home while you are away – so, when you ARE here, you can enjoy your time and not spend your entire vacation doing repairs or cleaning up a mess.

With regular home maintenance, customized home services, live visual inspections and flexible schedules, you can easily monitor your second home from anywhere with second home watch services.

VIP Home Watch Services

VIP Home Watch’s headquarters in Miramar Beach, Florida proudly serves beautiful homes in the most popular luxury residential areas such as 30a, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach and Miramar Beach. Take a look at our home watch service areas for more details.
Some of the other home checks and absentee home watch service items that can be included in your VIP Watch plan can include
Home Security System Checks

• Security System Operational Checks
• Resetting Appliances After Outages
• Check Smoke Alarms/Replace Batteries
• Adjust Blinds & Window Treatments
• 360 Live Visual Inspections

Plumbing Check Services

• Flush & Check All Toilets
• Run Water & Check All Sinks
• Test Kitchen Sink Disposal
• Check Temperature Of Refrigerator
• Check Ice Maker – Rotate Ice

Yard Maintenance Services

• Pickup & Secure Mail/Packages
• Test Start Vehicles (per request)
• Watering Of Indoor Plants (per request)
• Check Heating & Cooling System
• Check All Doors & Windows Are Locked

What is a Home Concierge Service?

Our home concierge service is like having a personal assistant for your home. Your home concierge can take care of mundane tasks related to your home care as well as errand services during your stay or while you’re away.

Here are a few tasks that you VIP Concierge can handle for you:

• Prepare Home For Arrival/Departure
• Coordinate House Cleaning Services
• Clean Out Refrigerator & Freezer
• Trash & Debris Removal
• Arrange Pet Care Services
• Retrieve Mail & Delivered Packages
• Check Batteries In Small Electronics
• Act As Key Holder Representative

Personal Home Concierge Service

Go From Second-Home-Worry...

To Relaxed-In-A Hurry!

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners spend a lot of time away from their second home or vacation home. While away from the home, a reputable and trusted home watch service provides a reliable way for the homeowner to keep an eye on their property. The home watch service provider can complete visual inspections and walk-throughs of the home to report issues, they can complete regular scheduled maintenance within the home and provide fast response to any issues that may arise that the home.

Vacation homes in the Florida panhandle area, such as Miramar Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach and 30A area, are popular areas where VIP Home Watch provides service. Please see our “Service Area” for complete service coverage map.

A property or home concierge provides personalized services to a homeowner before or during a visit to their vacation home (second home). Some of these services include: setting home thermostat, grocery shopping, package and mail retrieval, filling fuel for watercraft or recreational vehicles and general home-related errands.

Your home concierge can also act as a keyholder for your second home. As a keyholder for your home, the concierge can coordinate a key exchange for your visitors while you are away, sign and receive packages and shipments, and permit access for authorized contractors or authorities.

A Property Concierge is a great way to prepare for a vacation at your second home or to assist in errands while you are vacationing in the Florida area. This home concierge service can ensure that your home is setup and ready for your family to enjoy.

In order to maintain your vacation home, it is best to subscribe to a second home property management service such as VIP Home Watch Services. The home watch services can provide weekly, monthly and on-call property check-ups, walk-throughs, visual inspections as well as general home maintenance such as lawn care, pool care and cleaning.

VIP Home Watch Services is like having your best friend check on your place while you’re away…if that best friend was an experienced maintenance man, handy-man, property manager and all-around repairman.

VIP Home Watch Services are customized to your property but generally includes basic checks for the following areas of your second home and property:

  • Appliances – Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Stove/Range, Microwave, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal & Washer/Dryer
  • Plumbing Check – Toilets, Sinks, Water Heater & Lawn Irrigation System
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting – Bulb Replacement
  • Weather Stripping & Seals – Windows & Doors
  • HVAC (Heating & Cooling System) Checks – Filter Replacement
  • Battery Replacement – Remote Controls, Smoke Detectors & Small Electronics
  • Golf Cart & Recreational Vehicles – Battery Charging, Tire Pressure & General Maintenance
  • Pool Care & Lawn Maintenance – Pool Pump, Operational Equipment & General Lawn Care

We will customize your home watch service to include any additional checks or maintenance that your vacation home may require. We can also include a home concierge for an exceptionally, personalized vacation home experience.

Firstly, stay calm. This is why you have VIP Home Watch Services. You will get the VIP treatment.

Should something go wrong at your second home and you’re away, VIP Home watch Service will immediately respond to the problem. We’ll assess the issue, recommend the appropriate response and coordinate the repair or resolution to completion in the most cost-effective manner. We work with a network of professional home repair and contractor services.

If the problem arises while you’re vacationing in the home, we can advise you on the best response to the problem, and direct the most qualified providers to complete the required repairs or services.